6 Tips for Finding Great Fashions at a Thrift Store

Finding great fashions at thrift stores for you and your daughter is like a wonderful treasure hunt with marvelous treasures to be found. To make your treasuring hunting experience easy and fruitful follow these 6 easy steps to find great fashion at any thrift store.

1. Look for the colors that you look best in. Go down the racks looking for color first. You don’t even have to pull an article of clothing off the rack until you discover a color that you are attracted to.

2. Check out the design lines of the garment. Do you prefer animated designs, stylized designs, or more angles and points in your designs? Look at the collars, pockets, hemlines, and necklines. If the design lines are not right for you, put it back.

3. Fabrication is the next item to consider in a garment. Do you like soft flowing, plush, comfy fabrics? Or do you prefer more structured, fitted garments? The sure way to know if the garment you are considering is right for you, try it on? How does it feel? Does it feel good on your body, only get it if you can say YES!

4. Now look at the pattern – if it has a pattern. Maybe you prefer less pattern or no pattern at all. Is it a pattern that you are attracted to? Is it too busy or too simple? Many women do not even like pattern and prefer solid colors in their clothes. If the pattern is right for you, move on to the next step!

5. If the article of clothing has made it this far, your next step is to look it over for quality. Are there any tears, rips, spots, or flaws? I find many new garments with their price tags and brand tags still hanging on the garment – bonus find!

6. Your last step is a simple question to ask yourself – “Do I love it?” I no longer settle for clothes I don’t love and feel good in. I have to be able to say “I love it!” It doesn’t matter what you are paying for it, don’t talk yourself into an article of clothing you can’t say you love even if it is a great thrift store price. If you don’t love it , it will hang in your closet just to gather dust.

Use these simple steps to “step-up” your skills to find great fashion for you and your family at thrift stores. I have become so successful at thrift store shopping about 80% of my clothes have come from thrift stores. To make it even more fun take along a sister or friend and challenge each other to find the best treasure in the store for the best price. The winner takes the other to lunch!

I love treasure hunting for great fashion in thrift stores. Some of my favorite clothes are in the thrift store. I frequently find next to new and even brand new clothes as well as high end designer brands that would sell for hundreds of dollars in a retail store. My absolute favorite part of finding great fashion at thrift stores is wearing and having someone say, “that is a great jacket! Where did you get it?” I love saying, “At the thrift store!”

Carol Tuttle is the creator of Dressing Your Truth. Dressing Your Truth is a do-it-yourself makeover system that helps you discover your unique personal style by first discovering your personal profile with Carol’s Energy Profiling system.

Dressing Your Truth will teach you the perfect color, design lines, fabrication, texture and patterns that will bring out your greatest beauty.