Is it You or is it Just Your Clothes That Getting Compliments?

Consider the possibility that in the past when someone complimented you on your jacket, it was the jacket they were seeing, not you!

Start to notice the compliments you are receiving. Do they sound like?

“I love your jacket”

“That is a great purse you have”

“Your shoes are so cute”

“Where did you get your shirt? I love it”

Fashion teaches a woman to put beauty on. Compliments like the above are evidence that what is standing out in your appearance are your clothes and accessories and not you!

Want to be seen for your true beauty?

Want to hear compliments on a daily basis like:

“You look amazing”

“What have you done to yourself, you’ve never looked so good”

“Wow, you look so alive and vibrant”

“You look so beautiful”

“You are hot!”

When you learn the truth about fashion trends and changing styles of the beauty industry, you learn that they are designed to keep you guessing and constantly re-purchasing in order to “keep up with what is in.” If you are like most women, you are frustrated, feeling old and out of style before your time and you just give up and try not to care.

What I have discovered in my years of working in the personal development and beauty industry is that most women DO care, but feel so lost, they have tried to convince themselves they just don’t care.

A more accurate conclusion would be, most women don’t care about the latest fashion because they feel lost in that world, but the same women care very much and very deeply about their beauty and wanting to bring it to life.

The problem is the fashion industry has not done a very good job in teaching the everyday woman how to do that.

Tada, enter Carol Tuttle, the fashion rebel and beauty expert for the everyday woman.

In my work with thousands of women I have learned, it is the nature of the feminine to express her natural beauty, and to adorn her beauty with love and honor. The true feminine comes alive in a woman when she knows what clothes, jewelry, makeup, and hairstyle honor her true beauty. When a woman becomes her own beauty expert because she has been taught the tools to bring her true beauty out, her true feminine power is activated to its highest honor.

My newest creation I call Dressing Your Truth is my masterpiece to the women of the world. Every woman deserves to be beautiful, effortlessly and affordably. I know I can make every woman beautiful. I have seen it too many times to doubt it by now. I want to share with you what I know so that all the compliments you receive speak to you as the woman and not the jacket you are wearing.